Trevor Knight, Tyler Sweet and Micah Andrews: The Other Guy

Trevor Knight comes home to find his boyfriend Tyler Sweet naked and in their bed. Tyler says that he has been waiting for Trevor which seems a little odd considering he came home early, but Trevor quickly forgets about it after he starts rimming Tyler’s smooth hole. Suddenly Trevor hears a noise coming from the bedroom closet, Tyler says it’s nothing but Trevor knows better. Slamming the closet door open Trevor finds Tyler’s old boyfriend Micah Andrews and a double headed dildo!

Starring: Trevor Knight, Tyler Sweet and Micah Andrews
Studio: DrillMyHole.. Video language: English

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Spring Heat with Evan and Dylan

Starring: Evan Parker, Dylan Hall
It’s spring time and Dylan Hall is already feeling the heat. The handsome boy finds himself lounging around outside trying to deal with a hard personal problem when he finally phones his friend Evan Parker for a helping hand. Evan arrives and the boys undress for an afternoon make out but this spring fling really heats up when the thick man meat comes out. Evan takes control and fucks Dylan’s tan ass all over the patio with two hard hitting positions until they both blow their sweet loads in the fresh spring air.

Productor: Helix Studios
Release Year: 2014. Video language: English

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Daniel Freeman’s Jerk Off

Daniel Freeman is a sexy, edgy Fratboy, the kind who likes to have raw, sensual sweaty sex. In this scene he show us that he doesn’t always need a partner to get really turned on, and neither will you. Watching him stroke his 9″ dick, pull and tug on his nipple rings and show off his hungry hole with do the trick. Watch him work and pump his hard pud until a hot load of spunk shoot all the way up to his tattooed pecs.

Productor: Helix Studios
Release Year: 2010. Video language: English

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