Airport Security – Jon Bon and Libor Kenda

Jon Bon and Libor Kenda

Libor Kenda is on duty in Airport Security. He is at his desk when Jon Bon arrives. He is to be investigated, and his bag is placed on the table. As Libor interviews him he also puts on some gloves to examine the contents of the bag. As well as clothes Libor finds some handcuffs. He doesn’t believe Jon’s explanation and starts to get rough with him. As the explanation is not good enough Libor pulls Jon onto his knees and threatens him with being made to suck his cock. Libor pulls his cock out, all the while shouting at Jon. He pulls his face into his groin to try to get him to suck. He pull Jon up and bends him over the table, pulling down his jeans to bare his ass. Then Libor’s nightstick gets into Jon’s tight ass. He also gets spanked, leaving red marks on that ass. That seems to have softened Jon up, as when he is told to suck cock he readily complies. Libor’s big dick slides in and out of Jon’s mouth. He really fucks that face, his cock getting rock hard in the process. Libor pulls Jon up and makes him lay on the table. His cock is hard and Libor starts sucking on it. He sucks on that hard cock, wanking himself too. Slapping that cock and wanking it Libor has it gripped so tightly. Then he sucks more. He stand Jon up and makes him get the clothes off, and go back down on his cock. As Jan sucks him Libor starts to undress. When he is satisfied with the sucking Libor stand and bend Jon over again. This time his shoves that massive cock deep into the waiting ass. He fucks away at that ass, with Jon moaning. Jon’s cock stays hard as he gets fucked deep and hard. Libor then moves Jon onto his side, one leg up so that he can fuck him some more. His cock rams into that hole, all the way. Then Jon is turned onto his back, still being fucked hard. He wanks himself as he takes that big cock. Keeping up a good rhythm Jon shoots his cum as he is fucked so hard. Libor keeps on fucking that hot hole until he is ready to blow too. He pulls out and shoots his cum all over Jon. He milks his cock completely dry and then he throws Jon out. What a great scene from two very hot guys.

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The Blackmail

John Magnum and Tyler Sweet

Tyler Sweet didn’t make the cut for John Magnum’s ball team. Tyler descide to get some dirt on John by offering up his ass to his eager coach.

Studio: (
Cast: John Magnum and Tyler Sweet
Video language: English

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Training Session

Marc Dylan and Brian Bonds

Brian Bonds is a hot jock looking to improve his time on the track so his school sent him to an expert in getting results. In a few short sessions coach Marc Dylan has Brian improving his time by a full second making Brian very happy. Marc has also been very excited to work with Brian because he clearly doesn’t wear underwear while training, something that Marc finds incredibly hot. Brian wants to thank the coach for all his help and after seeing Marc stare at his cock outline each and every day he has a pretty good idea how to….

Studio: (
Cast: Marc Dylan and Brian Bonds
Video language: English

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